Saturday, November 7, 2009

Microsoft Presents Halo Waypoint on the Xbox

After a long-awaited, Microsoft finally launched the Halo Waypoint for Xbox Live members.

Hello Waypoint is an online portal intended to serve all things related to Halo animated series Legends.

Quoted from TG Daily, Saturday (7/11/2009), the portal is offering a preview episode of Legends Hello intact, complete with trailers, interviews with the developers of applications, screenshots and exclusive video footage.

"Waypoint is a place where fans of Halo can share and get the latest information and other interesting content through their gaming devices," said one developer named Frank O'Connor.

In addition to Waypoint presents a system that could track the participants who managed to win the game being played Halo together online.

Later, the winners will receive awards from Waypoint Hello all kinds of gifts ranging from t-shirts to a full set of avatar ODST armor.

In addition Waypoint announced the launch of Halo, Microsoft also officially released the schedule of Legends Halo series that will appear next.

The first episode of Legends preview of the Halo series will be released on this day is the episode called 'The Babysitter'.

Consecutive another episode that followed release of Halo Waypoint is, The Duel, The Package Part 1, The Package Part 2 and Part 1 Origins.


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