Monday, November 9, 2009

Two satellite Lapan 2011 Ready to Roll

Lembaga Penerbangan dan Antariksa Nasional (Lapan) has declared its readiness to launch two satellites in the coming 2011.

Two satellites were launched satellite LAPAN-A2 and ORARI. Lapan second call with the name of the satellite or satellite Twinsat twins.

Earlier, in 2007 has succeeded in making Lapan Tubsat satellite, which until now is still operating properly. Tubsat which is the first micro-satellite Lapan's record has been a great deal of observational data in the form of videos from various regions in Indonesia and from abroad.

However, can only pass Thubsat Indonesian territory four times in 24 hours because it was in polar orbit. Thubsat means turning from pole to pole.

Therefore, in order to observe parts of Indonesia, more broadly, it also launched a satellite Lapan twins. Unlike the Thubsat, satellite LAPAN-A2 and ORARI will be placed in equatorial orbit.

"The satellite's orbit around the equatorial twin, the focus observed over Indonesia. By rotating the equatorial orbit, observations of Indonesia could be done more frequently because the satellite will pass over Indonesia to 14 times a day," said Chief Lapan Adi Sadewo Okezone Salatun when met at his office, Monday (9/11/2009).

Adi mentions these two satellites have complementary functions. LAPAN-A2 satellite has a function to observe the earth's surface, while the ORARI satellite mission during a disaster relief communications and remote sensing.

Twin satellites begin to be worked on in 2007 and ready to be launched in India in the year 2011, in cooperation with the Indian space agency, ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization). Just as the launch Thubsat, Lapan ride India's PSLV rocket.

"We still have to hitchhike or piggybacking term use Indian rockets. The reason we've done a rocket in 2014 and can not be used to launch satellites. Incidentally India to launch his Astrosat satellite in 2011, then Lapan then hitchhike PSLV rocket for launching a second satellite," Adi said.

Adi also noted that PSLV rocket has the exact route through the area around the equator Indonesia due to the 6 degrees inclination. Thus, the two satellite Lapan, each of which weighs 70 kg it can be spun in equatorial equatorial region.


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