Monday, November 9, 2009

Bibit-Chandra supporters on Facebook

Support for Bibit Samad Riaanto and Chandra Hamzah expanding in cyberspace. Facebookers which supports both high-ranking Commission has crossed off the 1.1 million people.

AFP monitoring, Monday (9/11/2009), at 15:35 pm, the number of members in the group has reached 1,152,402 people. The number of members of this group continue to grow, and 7 September 2009, the number of members of this group has reached 1,000,147 members.

"The Commission go forward," he wrote in his message Muchdar Afif on the group page.

Other support also comes from the hope Nurhandoyo Solichin Commission remains. "KPK must survive," he said.

Account was created by Muhammadiyah University professor named Usman Yasin Bengkulu on Thursday, October 29. On the same day police arrested Seeds and Chandra.

Day after day 2 support for the Commission's head off continued to flow. Within 9 days, support was finally penetrated the targeted figure of 1 million. If averaged, every single day getting support 100 thousand more. (detik)

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