Friday, November 6, 2009

Symantec: Norton 99% Perfect Threat Detection

Symantec's Norton products announced they won the best reviews of the three independent testing agencies.

The third independent testing agency is Dennis Norton Lab Technology, and

Symantec claims that the report was released three independent agencies confirmed that Symantec's proven technologies to increase effectiveness in providing protection against computer security threats today. Another Symantec technologies also claimed to detect and counteract the perfect threat of Quorum and sophisticated heuristics.

Based on Symantec's official statement on Friday (6/11/2009), Dennis Technology Lab says Norton Internet Security 2010 scored a perfect detection and recorded as the only product with excellent detection in the face of threats.

Norton was fully assessed the ability to protect the system from attack or infection. This conclusion was derived after Denis Technology Lab testing the effectiveness of 10 leading security products in a comparison test of anti-malware.

Testing Norton Internet Security 2010 performed by noted that this product can detect approximately 459,872 samples and generated a score of 99.75 percent detection. In the test Symantec's products are tested on a PC that has infected 25 different virus samples.

"The benchmark test includes important but very different in security testing. But it all came to similar conclusions that conclude Norton is best in class offerings," said Regional Consumer Product Marketing Manager at Symantec Asia Pacific David Hall.

"This shows the ability of Symantec's products in providing protection against threats by keeping millions of false positive rate and the lowest the highest performance in all the tested products," he added.

While the mention Norton AntiVirus 2010 get rating 'Advanced +' highest in terms of protection. This award is given to products who have a high detection rate with low false positive.

Breakthrough technologies are currently available in Norton 360 version 4.0 beta released, Norton Internet Security 2010 and Norton AntiVirus 2010.

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