Friday, November 6, 2009

11 Newest Windows 7 Features

The presence of Windows 7 has just been released in Indonesia of course is equipped with a number of additional features that claimed Microsoft is Perfectness from previous operating system.

Microsoft describes the benefits of Windows 7 is filled with entertainment features, a qualified security levels, and the display updated interface, so that interactive and elegant look.

And the following is the 11th feature in the benefits can be in Windows 7,

Windows Taskbar is updated
Taskbar in Windows 7 easier control and helps to access programs and files you need faster. Each is in the Windows taskbar can be seen in full when the mouse is directed to the windows. With the size of the larger icons make it easy to click with windows or with multi-touch features of Windows 7. Programs and files that are often used can be easily placed in the taskbar for faster access.

Jump List
Jump list of every program on the windows start menu and the taskbar makes the search for something. Automatically compiled based on the most recent and frequently opened so less time is needed to find your favorite song, or a new file is done.

Snap, Shake, Peek
Programs and files that are often used can be accessed easily without a messy desktop. With a peek, muse to the right point under the taskbar and all windows that open to a more distant to measure the re-(re-size) windows, so that two windows can be opened on the right and left simultaneously, to make comparisons.
With the shake, click on the windows and shake the mouse for minimize other windows are open.

Windows Touch
Touch screen feature has been incorporated into Windows 7 and is available on the PC with touch screen. With the touch screen feature, images can be enlarged by placing both hands. Browsing Internet Explorer 8 will also be easier with this feature.

Home Group
Home Group in Windows 7 makes sharing files delivered PCs and devices in the home easier. Through the Home Group, a PC with Wndows 7 can automatically identify and connect with the eat it.

Fastern on, Fastern off
Windows 7 will benefit from increased performance start time (start-up), resume and shut off (shut down) PC faster and improve power management.

Windows Live Essentials
Communications and other services is one important thing. In Windows 7, features in previous versions of Windows will be provided free of charge via the Windows Live Essentials programs. Users can access data offline and do things to photos, videos and other things.

Internet Explorer 8
Surfing on the web with IE 8 more matap by adjusting the purposes of use through an increase in speed, and smart screen filte, which help PC remains safe by telling the site that has the potential danger.

Windows Search
This feature can identify the location and open any file on your PC from the start menu by typing only one or two sentences.

Web Slices
This feature is the latest in Windows 7 where the user can cut the target from a site that was placed in the toolbar of Internet Explorer 8 for easy reference and quick.

Parental Control
Helping set the specific time and determine the programs, and gaming sites that are allowed to access the children.

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