Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blackberry Storm 3 Adoption Sliding Qwerty?

Just a few weeks launch Blackberry Storm 2, Research in Motion (RIM) is rumored to be releasing a new installment of the Storm, who was named Storm 3.

However, the issues circulating on the Internet Storm 3 was not adopted touch-screen technology as previous generations, as a Canadian vendor is reportedly going to adopt a full Qwerty keyboard with sliding. This breakthrough course is presented by RIM.

Moreover, during this, Blackberry is identical to the Qwerty keyboard without sliding, it could be true if these rumors will be a new breakthrough to create a new trend which will be launched RIM.

Launched through the Know Your Mobile, Wednesday (18/11/2009), Strom was 3 RIM said to have been designed in prototype form. Other news revealed, this Storm 3 vendors it plans will be announced at the end of this year, but plans were changed and most likely will be clear in appearance in early 2010.

Some activists say the gadget, which uses innovative RIM could be sliding to answer the public wants, which is currently sliding Qwerty phone presented by Nokia through the Nokia N900 and Droid. What is clear, we still have to be patient waiting for the presence of a single handheld device is.

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