Monday, November 16, 2009

AutoCAD 2010 Increase Performance Up to 60%

Autodesk announced new study results that showed an increase in productivity by 63 percent when the technicians and designers using AutoCAD 2010 software.

Studies conducted Cambashi Limited, a body independent consultants and analysts, comparing the time required to complete specific jobs by using the software AutoCAD 2007 and AutoCAD 2010.

This report concludes that using AutoCAD 2010 can increase performance significantly on the average user. In addition to reducing the time required to perform several tasks, the new AutoCAD 2010 features, especially the enhanced features of PDF handling, giving greater freedom in AutoCAD users to collaborate to be more simple.

As quoted by his statement, Monday (16/11/2009) These findings illustrate how the new capabilities in AutoCAD 2010 can help users realize ROI quickly with one of the world leader in platform design and documentation.

Cambashi studies that demonstrate how improved individual features in AutoCAD 2010, when used for design activities, can minimize overlapping tasks, and eliminate the steps necessary to document and communicate design ideas.

The following favorable features in AutoCAD 2010:

* PDF publishing features in AutoCAD 2010 provides better visual quality with smaller file sizes and the ability to attach PDF files to drawing as the basis. These features help users to achieve increased productivity by 63 percent.

* AutoCAD 2010 features a new free-form design tools that allows users to create any kind of any form only with pushing and pulling faces, corners, and surfaces. Free-form capability modeling can increase productivity by 62 percent.

* The designer can use a dynamic block modeling in AutoCAD 2010 to make multiple changes to the block geometry using previously been stored. Because not need to create a new geometry for each variation, the designers can increase productivity by 44 percent.

* PDF import a new, underlying and increasing publishing features in AutoCAD 2010 and can facilitate two-way communication with the design team, thus creating 43 percent of the development of productivity.

* AutoCAD 2010 introduced a parametric drawing tools that help designers to define a strong relationship between objects. This tool helps users experienced 35 percent increase in productivity in the 3D drawing productively. (okezone)

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