Monday, October 5, 2009

Various Missing Child Finder Tool

With a variety of devices currently available, be it computers, cell phones, or electronic tracker devices, we can find a lost pet, tracking where the departure of a stolen car, found a ski surfers buried in piles of ice, and mountain climbers lost in the woods.

Then how to find a kidnapped child who a stranger? The case of loss or kidnapping a child into a frightening specter for parents in the United States. Each year there are approximately 800,000 children are reported missing. A total of 58,000 children were kidnapped and 99 percent of these children become victims of sexual abuse of children.

Yahoo Tech News, Monday (5/10/2009) launch, there are a variety of technological tools that will make the parents feel safe to seek the presence of their child.

One was an object such as a clip-on will notify the GPS location finder that can be put on a backpack or clipped into accessories teddy bear on the child.

In addition to clip-on, there are also BrickHouse, a gadget with a similar function that can blink, vibrate, or light guides to help parents find their children missing. This gadget is divided into two parts, the main device held by a parent while an object like alarm ketch pinned on children's clothing.

When a child disappears, parents stay pressing devices they hold in order to activate an alarm that brought the little guy. Some devices like this one has a monitor that lets parents set the parameters of how far the reach child-anal before the alarm they die. While others have a panic button that can tap the child if they were in danger.

Other gadgets with similar functions and use of GPS technology that relies on satellite signals, allowing parents to use a web browser to monitor the location of the electronic devices such as mobile phones active in a range of distances such as 40 to 90 meters. (okezone)

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