Monday, October 5, 2009

EA Encourage Gamer for Healthy and Fit

Electronic Arts (EA) continue to encourage gamers to become more healthy and fit. This time through the expansion titled 'More Workout' under the banner of EA Sports for Nintendo Wii Active.

Games that offer at least 35 types of fitness movement has some excellent features, among others:

* As a personal trainer: Similar to a personal trainer, the program provides clear instructions, feedback on technique done, while also providing information on the number of calories burned in real time.

* Warm up and cool down: There are about 8 types of heating and cooling of the exercises that stretch the muscles useful before and after exercise to help prevent illness and injury.

* Track your progress: To obtain maximum results, users can monitor their own progress from the exercise had been done. In fact, this game can also provide some tips that match fitness movement for players.

* Adjusted to players: Movement works for each player is different. Well, this game can also be personalized according to the needs of players. Starting from the type of mainstream sports, the level of intensity, and duration when you're playing. (detik)

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