Friday, October 2, 2009, Site for campaigning

The success of political campaign made U.S. President Barack Obama through inrternet and social media to inspire the creation of a new site called

Site built by a developer named Tores offers an opportunity for local activists to organize and personalize their campaigns through the Internet with ease. adopt interesting displays which are presented as campaign site and allows each user to set the "micro campaign" as funds are owned.

This site also allows users to set up his campaign from home and looking for support sound without having to frequently go anywhere. They can also sell tickets for an event online.

Tories hope their site is currently still in beta version can collect all the events happening now and until the new year before it was officially released later in the perfect version of next year. Such information is quoted from the Telegraph, Friday (2/10/2009).

Founder Tores, David Cameron mention this site aims to be the activists and candidates an organization to set and achieve the sound of their supporters in a way that may not have been done by the current political parties.

"We launched an online campaign portal that provides power to users to campaign and collect donations for a particular issue or candidate," said Cameron. (okezone)

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