Thursday, October 1, 2009

Australia Still Closed Doors for Adult Game

Game for adults, 18 years and over, still can not circulating in the State Kangaroo. Competent authorities in Australia believed it was a 'sacrifice' is worth taken.

R18 + is an adult rating for games which are expected to be adopted in Australia. While most adult rating for this game is R15 + which effectively prevents some game titles are pretty popular.

To be inaugurated, R18 + rating must be approved by the Attorney General in Australia. However, one of the Attorney General, Michael Atkinson from South Australia, has expressed his attitude to remain not approve R18 + rating.

As quoted from CVG, Thursday (1/10/2009), Left 4 Dead 2 is the latest game that could eventually supply in Australia due to not meet the existing rating. After the verdict for Left 4 Dead 2 was announced, Atkinson expressed his opinion.

"(The absence of mature rating games) does restrict choice, but it is a fair price to prevent adult material reaching children and vulnerable adults. In my view, this is a worthy sacrifice was taken," he told au.

Play games, according to Atkinson, not just consume an adult content but also to actively involve players. "People participate and 'scene' violence and criminal behavior while playing a particular game," he said.

Australian Federal Government is already considering the R18 + for games since 2008. Victorian Attorney General has even expressed its support for this. "It seems inconsistent if Australia allows adult films classified R18 + but not for games," said Attorney General Rob Hulls called it. (detik)

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