Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kaspersky does not fear its products hijacked

As one of the leading producers of anti-virus, anti-virus products from Kaspersky possibility often hijacked. However, as the founder Eugene Kaspersky, Kaspersky claimed was unperturbed, partly because consumers are increasingly aware of the benefits of buying a legal product.

"Wearing an illegal anti-viral risk to consumers. It's better to buy a legal and guaranteed quality," Kaspersky said after giving a public lecture in front of GMU students, Saturday (11/10/2009).

In addition, Kaspersky assess difficult for criminals hijack their products. Because, Kaspersky products provided varying levels of security so that possibility, the production costs incurred will be too large.

But that does not mean Kaspersky stay silent against piracy. In addition to the various steps to stop, they also expect the authorities to anticipate the role of piracy is a problem common in the software industry.

World Cyber Lectures Hazards

In the same occasion, Eugene Kaspersky also gave a public lecture titled "Taking the Responsibility of the Internet 'in the Grha Sabha Pramana UGM attended by hundreds of students. This friendly man reveals the dangers of cyber crime is becoming soared.

"Cyber criminals now professional, motivated and experienced. They're targeting a lot of money in circulation through the virtual world," said Eugene.

In addition, the smartphone is also going to be the target of cyber criminals. This is because in addition to the increasing adoption of smartphones, more and more financial transactions are also conducted through this smart phone.

"All phones will be so smart. This provoked more and more malware is developed to attack smartphones," said the CEO of this Kapsersky Lab.

Any current malware has become a business commodity. Often malware producers to use its program to lend a criminal network. This makes Internet users threatened to require adequate security solutions. (detik)

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