Saturday, October 31, 2009

End Historical Nokia N-Gage

N-Gage age would soon after the decision issued by the management bitter Nokia. After six years running, this Finland based company decided to end all gaming platforms for the N-Gage, the following services that accompany it.

Through the redesign, Nokia announced to its users that they would no longer publish a new game for N-Gage platform, and prepared to close website and its community at the end of next year.

As for his game sales are still to be continued, although only until September 2010.

Then what about the fate of a game lover loyal customers of this platform? Apparently Nokia has plans sacrifice behind N-Gage, which is to divert all the shops Nokia, Ovi Store.

"Along with the development of mobile gaming, we wanted to offer a portfolio of stores with a series of broader gaming: games for everyone. Having one place for all mobile game is a fun thing. And this is Ovi Store provide," wrote Nokia.

N-Gage sacrifice course sadden his fans. Particularly those incorporated in the N-Gage Arena, the site where gamers can interact in the forums and to post the highest score.

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Penny Stock Picking Service on March 31, 2010 at 9:36 PM said...

Not surprised to see that, I mean now a days the smartphones coming out are quite attractive to game makers as well and the platform of Symbian is really good to be played game on.

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