Thursday, October 29, 2009

40 Years of Internet Journey

Age of the Internet technology that changed the world so dramatically expressed even 40 years on October 29, yesterday. Internet birthday celebration held in the United States, where industry groups, researchers and analysts gathered at the UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles).

Full day's celebration was led by Leonard Kleinrock. He is a professor at UCLA on October 29, 1969, led a team that send messages between computers for the first time through the ARPANET, which was the embryo of the internet.

Moment is recognized as a time when the Internet was born. In a release, said UCLA's current Internet has transformed communication, education, culture, business and entertainment around the world and make changes dramatically.

Kleinrock stated, he had never imagined the emergence of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is the world kicked off the internet today. "The Internet has entered every aspect of life," he said in front of hundreds of people who attended the celebration.

Nevertheless, he was also concerned with the dark side of the spread of the Internet such as spam and malicious programs. He also expects in the future, the negative things that can be minimized.

In addition to events at UCLA, the Internet's birth anniversary will also be held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. "ARPANET is a crucial step in the online world that is now connecting almost a third of the world's population," the statement from the museum.

Though already 40 years old, innovations in the field believed the Internet was still in the early stages. Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, for example, believes there will be a radical change in the internet.

Schmidt among others predict in the next 5 years, the Internet will be dominated by social media content is delivered with super-fast bandwidth in real time. Happy Birthday, Internet!


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