Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cyber Facebook Attacks hikes, FBI worry

Various kinds of cyber attacks are now more often carried out via Facebook. Untill, leading investigative agency of the United States, the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) to feel anxious and issued a special warning.

They warned that growing number of accounts hijacked and later misused. For example, the perpetrators demanded money from the victim with Facebook friends
trap the victim suffered natural disasters or theft.

Institutions Internet Crime Complaint Center, which shelter under detects the FBI has been the 3200 types of attacks. Some people have lost thousands of dollars due to be fooled. They want to help a friend but instead give money to the criminals.

Quoted from Vnunet, Sunday (4/10/2009), the Facebook is not unaware of this terrible phenomenon. They try to anticipate it by strengthening
technical problems and work with third parties in order to minimize the attack.

"On the technical side, we improve the automated systems for controlling fraud. Our security team is also working with law enforcement and other providers of e-mails to identify and arrest the perpetrators," he wrote in his blog Facebook.

The FBI added, malware makers also exploitation account has been hijacked to reap the data, spreading malware and trick users into sites
evil to infect the victim's computer.

In addition, no rare or spam junk messages disseminated to promote phishing sites. Several messages appear even sent by a friend so
unsuspecting users and access, but it may harm your computer. The FBI also recommends users immediately reported the case of piracy. (detik)

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Nizoral Hair Loss Shampoo on October 15, 2009 at 10:25 AM said...

I've recently seen quite a bit of this activity via friends status updates. Their status will unwillingly change to something like..'hey guys, I lost 10lbs in 2 weeks, come find out how at' or 'I made $200 online today, come find out how you can too at'. I don't think very many people actually go to the listed URL's just because it's so obvious, but it's still creepy to know that your social account is being exploited.

As for the people who send money to their 'friends' (criminals) out of sympathy, I think they kind of deserve that one. I feel for my friends, but I don't think I'd ever send them money just based on a random facebook conversation, I'd be sure to talk to them in person or give them the money in person. Now there's a new paypal application that you can add to your facebook account...I'm sure that'll result in some theft before long as well.

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