Thursday, October 1, 2009

30 Thousand iPhone Refunded

Distribution iPhone operator O2 in the UK trying to be calm on the attitude of the consumers who decide to return the iPhone and switch to another operator who becomes his rival, Orange and Vodafone.

Telegraph, Thursday (1/10/2009) launch, within a period of two weeks was approximately 30,000 consumers who bought the iPhone through O2, but then the iPhone so much danger of being returned because the customer intends to terminate their contract.

O2 said the company was not planning to offer another deal better to convince customers not to cancel their contract.

Consumers O2 with the iPhone 3G handset was waiting to terminate the contract agreement and will soon move to find another operator that offers the iPhone contract deal cheaper 3GS.

Meanwhile, earlier this week another operator called Orange confirms iPhone will supply an exclusive contract with Apple for two years as the O2.

The announcement was then led to speculation of possibility other operators in the UK will also contribute to supply the iPhone.

Vodafone then immediately follow in the footsteps Orange and announced that it will distribute the iPhone in the UK.

Responding to this, O2 said that it still would continue to work with Apple, but also with promoting handsets that are Pre Palm rival Apple.

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