Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Plasma TV Era End Soon?

The future of plasma TVs to be crowded debated, since the emergence of the LCD screen on the market. Is the history of the plasma TV will soon be over?

Figures released by market researchers revealed a decrease in sales of plasma TVs famous manufacture various vendors, such as Hitachi and Pioneer, because many consumers are turning to the screen that consume less energy.

Data year is spent annually GfK analysis shows, the LCD screen continues to increase market share, compared with plasma TV unit contributes only about 15.4 percent of sales and contributed less than a quarter of all sales of flat-screen TV.

The figures also reveal that, since January the total value of plasma TV sales in Australia dropped almost 9 percent, while LCD solid profit up 10 percent. Thus the reported The Age, Thursday (1/10/2009).

"Through their LCD TVs can now see pictures of action and exercise a lot better. From this perspective has been a massive improvement," said Bing Lee general manager Phil Moujaes.

He says people who bought the LCD because the overall demand for a smaller screen remains strong. "But if you look at the big screen, plasma is still going very strong," he said.

Also the difference between LCD and plasma is generally because of price. For according to Phill, display a larger LCD is still affordable, the LCD screen is also equally great.

Samsung, one of the three largest television producers still make plasma TV to say that, although the demand still flat plasma TVs, they are still committed to bringing the plasma because it has a big stake in technology since the launch of a plasma screen in the world's thinnest (2.5 cm), and integrating wireless technology and Internet television to the latest models.

"Plasma control 25-30 percent of the market, which means there is still a very big market there," said Evan Manolis, senior product manager for Ericsson Australia.

Indeed the plasma TV unit will still show good sales, but according to Gartner research LCD sales will reach 28 percent until 2012, while the plasma will be only 8.1 percent.

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