Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First netbook with Moblin OS 2 from Dell

Is Moblin it? Of course this question should be answered as I'm sure many of you who have never heard Moblin.

Moblin is an open source project which is focusing on developing Linux-based platform aimed at the future of mobile devices, including netbooks, mobile Internet device and system in-vehicle infotainment.

During this Moblin platform still in the laboratory only and consumed by developers (developer / programmer) software. But Dell finally launched on Moblin-based products last Thursday, making this platform available to consumers through 10V Mini netbook.

Dell, however note that this version is more suitable netbook is not for ordinary consumers, but more suitable for the geek, early adopter or a particular computer literate enough to know about Linux.

10V Mini netbook priced at 299 USD Dell sales site.

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