Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Careful Google Ads & Yahoo! Spread Malware

Some large sites flooded with malicious banner ads after criminals in cyberspace managed to sneak into syndication service operated by Google and Yahoo.

Banner ads, which previous attacks PDF vulnerability in Adobe Reader and Microsoft DirectShow, began appearing on sites like DrudgeReport,, and According to ScanSafe researcher Mary Landesman of the hackers to sneak on Google's network DoubleClick, Right Media Yield Manager is owned by Yahoo and Fastclick, which is owned by ValueClick.

Last visitors who visit a site that uses ad syndication service that saw frequent ads, opens with a display a PDF document format, actually has kept the virus. because of their unwitting Win32/Alureon automatically installs a Trojan capable of making easily infect your computer.

Bad ads also appear on, really had ended on Monday. When was the site used by malware supplier suddenly disappeared. For three days they carry out their duties. The attack has donated 11 percent of the pages blocked by ScanSafe, a service used by companies to prevent employees from visiting malicious sites.

Some Internet users were asked Google to do more in the fight against evil ads. Over the last few years, what is called malvertisements, namely how to use social engineering and exploit code targeting weaknesses in operating systems and applications. This method has been increasingly common in the spread of malware to the masses.

"With DoubleClick's ad management, publishers control over the content they serve and therefore are responsible for determining what ads appear on their site," said Google spokeswoman was reluctant to be named.

Of course, who infiltrated Trojan ads will not be possible without the help of ad syndication service, which provides software and services used by webmasters to display ads to hundreds of millions of end users.

Google spokeswoman added, saying that DoubleClick does not use security monitoring system that displays all the ads.

"We believe that all members of the online advertising ecosystem must take an active role in the prevention malvertising," a Google spokesperson added.

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