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First Aid Overcoming Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Signs of Inflammatory Bowel Disease:

Painful heartburn in the lower abdomen, frequent bowel movements are fluid and slimy (diarrhea). After the sick a lot of dirt / berak body feels tired. Occasionally he vomits and feels a heavy pressure in the stomach.
Overcoming Traditional Inflammatory Bowel Disease:

    The sick should rest by lying down. His feet should be heated, for example with a bottle filled with warm water. The stomach is compressed with moist water and then covered with a dry cloth. The entire body should be wrapped with a blanket.
    If the dirt is very fluid and somewhat frothy, let the sick is given laxatives, which is good is castor (for adults 2-3 tablespoons). Do not be fed anything before diarrhea, may drink tea that is not too hard / thick.
    If by no. 1 and 2 have not stopped mencretnya make drugs as follows:

- The bitter lighter rhizome ½ finger
- The bitter lempuyang rhizome (½ finger length)
- Fennel seeds 7 seeds
- Wood pulasari ¼ pieces of finger
- Wood ules a little
- Onion 1 bungkal
- Kernel seed (after burnt) 1 seed
- Fruit salt (dry) 2 pieces

How to mix:
All the ingredients pounded crushed, given a cup of water, then squeezed.

How to use:
This juice is drunk once (repeat so twice a day).

    If the stool is blackish then the drug No. 3 can be replaced with:

- Turmeric rhizome (dibebam) ½ finger length
- Acid long 1 teaspoon
- White grape 1 for seeds of kapri
- Salt ½ teaspoon
- Water 2 tablespoons

How to mix medicine:
The four kinds of materials are crushed, watered and squeezed.

How to take medication:
This juice is drunk once consumed. Repeat so 2 times a day.

    It is forbidden to eat raw fruits, spicy food or too sweet. Do not drink milk, coffee or liquor. Before heal properly should the patient always eat only soft foods.
    If the diarrhea is just because "cold" only (cold), then do not use laxatives. Make this medicine:

- Guava leaves 10 sheets of klutuk
- Teak wood charcoal ½ piece of finger
- Water 1 cup

How to mix:
All the ingredients are boiled until the water is ½ cup.

How to use:
This cooking water is taken once. Repeat so 2 times a day.

Traditional herb is a treatment medium that uses plants with natural ingredients as raw materials. Various types of medicinal plants are actually many that can be obtained in the environment, such as in the yard, roadside, or in the kitchen as ingredients or spices.

Excess traditional herbs

Many advantages obtained in using traditional ingredients, among others:

    In general, the price of traditional ingredients is cheaper when compared with manufactured medicines, because the raw materials of manufactured medicines are very expensive and the price is highly dependent on many components.

    Traditional ingredients are very easy to find around the environment, can even be grown alone for family supplies.

    The processing of the ingredients is also not complicated, so it can be made in your own kitchen without the need for special equipment and great cost. This is very different from the patented medical drugs, which require advanced equipment in the manufacturing process and it takes about 25 years to be recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The use of traditional herbs has a very small negative side effect when compared to modern medical drugs. This is because, the raw ingredients of traditional herbs are very natural or not synthetic. Nonetheless, new herbal remedies must still pass the same clinical trials as synthetic drugs. While following the recommended dosage, the hygienic preparation process, and a good storage method, the negative side effects of this traditional herb need not be alarmed.

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