Thursday, May 18, 2017

Like a Real Theater; Make your own theater

Watching in the cinema is identical to the bright and clear screen brings in millions of colorful streaks coupled with thunderous sounds and padded seats. Because, the audience can feel shoot, fall, pound, when watching a good movie.

Well, what about movie lovers who no longer have the right time to watch in the cinema? Will those sensations remain a memory?

Easy, there is a solution.

The quality and atmosphere of watching in theaters can now be "brought" home. With the help of technology and a little touch here and there, your family room can be transformed into a movie studio.

Make it yourself

Start the first step by preparing furniture supporting comfort, such as couches or small cushions as a headrest. Undeniably, the overstuffed seats in the big screen room are often the factors that keep the audience from moving until the movie ends.

Next, select the right television. Widescreen television that has buried 4K technology and cinema standard sound system, could be an option to bring the quality of spectacle Like in the cinema. Moreover, when the screen is selected also able to bring the color reproduction as close as possible to the original.

In general, flat screen televisions immerse technology with three basic digital colors, red, green, and blue, to reproduce and create color variations. However, a number of manufacturers continue to develop the technology, including for the affairs of this color display.

Panasonic Viera, for example, is equipped with hexa chroma drive technology, which adds cyan, magenta, and yellow, as the base digital color of the screen. The resulting color reproduction becomes the main capital of displaying the images in the movie as if it were the same as you see in reality.

Then, if you want more leverage "take home" cinema, seal the room where the view with the carpet. This is to help muffle the sound coming from outside. However, you do not need to install carpets in all parts of the room, just in the rug area or under your couch.

Finally, consider where incoming light can interfere with the focus and create a shaded image. Here, you can use dark-colored curtains around the windows or ventilate the room.

If possible, attach simple shapes to the ceiling or down light. Select either "warm" colored lights or adjust the dimmer lighting to make room less bright.

Easy right? Have fun watching in a private cinema!
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