Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Bomb Kampung Melayu Jakarta, Facebook Activate "Safety Check", Here's How to Wear

Related to the incident of bomb explosion in Kampung Melayu, East Jakarta, Thursday (05/25/2017) night, Facebook activate Safety Check feature for users in Jakarta area.

Safety Check feature can be used to notify friends of the condition of the account owner, whether they are in a condition survived from the incident of Kampung Melayu bomb.

The Safety Check feature allows users in the affected Kampung Melayu / Jatinegara area to report their status. That is, whether it is safe or not.

If the user is in Kampung Melayu / Jatinegara / Jakarta area, the Facebook system will automatically send notification to mobile device. Approximately, the contents of the notification is like this, "Explosion in Jatinegara, tell your friends is fine". Then, if it is safe, the user can choose either "I am safe" or "I'm Safe" message.

If the user selects a "safe" message, the system will automatically notify all contacts in his account. The contents, states that the user is in good condition.

Safety Check feature itself is actually developed as an information system during a disaster, such as earthquakes or floods. However, for the case of Kampung Melayu bombing this time, up slightly modify it.

The feature was introduced for the first time in 2014. At that time, Facebook claimed to be inspired by the earthquake disaster that hit Japan in 2011.

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