Saturday, September 11, 2010

Which form of sleeping aids is better?

When searching for ways to resolve sleep problems, you are very likely to end up with a selection of effective drugs that come in different forms. Some drugs are more popular than others, some are preferred by doctors when prescribing medications for insomnia while others are simply over-the-counter medications. However, even when comparing pretty similar medications for sleep disorders, many observe that there are different ways of administration for each drug. And fact is that the form in which the medication enters your body makes a difference when addressing sleeping problems. Typically there are two forms in which all sleeping aids are available: normal pills and extended release tablets. And in order to understand which form to use, you have to learn more about both the normal and extended release forms so that you could grasp the difference between them. Both forms of sleeping aids are aimed at treating a range of sleep disorders, and both have different side effects that can take place when using each form of medication. Most sleeping aids work as muscle relaxants, helping both the body and the nervous system to calm down, which is rather hard when trying to cope with a sleeping problem. Still, regular pills are known to have more common side effects as compared to the extended release form. Regular pills usually release the active element of the medication instantly upon its arrival to the stomach. The increased amount of active ingredients may cause side effects more often. Besides, the concentration of these ingredients usually wears off with time, which can influence the effectiveness of the drug at later stages of sleep. Extended release tablets have a special coating that assures consistent release of the active ingredients over a longer period of time, which can be very beneficial for deep sleep stages. Clinical studies have confirmed that extended release tablets are more effective in treating sleep disorders connected to these phases than regular pills. Moreover, due to the fact that extended release tablets regulate the amount of active elements dissolved into the body, it's less likely to experience any side effects with this form of medication. So, when you compare such drugs as Ambien and Ambien CR, for example, it is quite obvious which drug is more preferential for treating serious sleeping problems. While having the same composition and effectiveness, Ambien CR has lower risk of delivering any negative side effects and is more effective in dealing with problems in the deeper stages of sleep, which occur 4-5 hours after going to sleep. Still, it is up to your doctor to decide which form of sleep aids is more suitable for you. If you have any sleeping problems you should first consult with your doctor and purchase the drug he or she has prescribed you with. Do not take any prescription drugs without your doctors consent, as some of them are addictive in nature or can deliver severe side effects if used incorrectly. Remember that sleeping aid medications should be taken under a professional doctor's supervision, as it is very important for your own good and health.

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