Tuesday, June 8, 2010

World Cup 2010

Johannesburg - South African President Jacob Zuma after the World Cup confirmed his people could use the results of the construction of sport facilities as a means of unification among people.

According to the report Fourfourtwo, Mr Zuma was happy with the development of sports infrastructure built suggestions during the pre-World Cup. He thinks it will be used even in later years that he hoped the South African society can use it in order to create unity and integrity.

"After several years of planning and hard work set, now we can celebrate the fruit of this struggle in realizing the first World Cup on the African continent," Zuma said in a speech opening preparation terakbar universal soccer party in two days.

"South Africa becomes more alive and will never be the same again after this World Cup," he said.

Furthermore, Mr Zuma said the construction of a massive infrastructure that allows world-class stadium development impact on the improvement of South Africa's position in the eyes of investors and businesspeople.

"Development of infrastructure into the World Cup legacy for this country and is certainly a benefit for all citizens in the coming years. Everyone will have increased access to services and infrastructure that was, "said Zuma.

"After Pluit end, we must ensure that development programs have been effective, namely sports and football in particular really become a cohesive and meaningful for our people. This is the legacy of the World Cup is extremely valuable, "said Zuma.

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