Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2TB hard drive prices have penetrated $ 100

From online stores in the U.S., 2TB hard drive prices have penetrated $ 100. Going down and getting cheaper. When one and a half years ago, was first issued 2TB still sold under $ 250.

Price 100 dollars for hard disk drives with 2TB is not on board. At, LP Seagate ST32000542AS 5900RPM 2TB offered via the mailing list $ 99.99. Other sellers offer price of $ 105-130. Type of performance such as hard drive with 7200 RPM rotation is still being extended to $ 200-300.

Why drive 100 dollars is required, although a lower rotation speed. With two hard drives cheap, you can install hard drives with RAID systems. The result is no less rapidly with 7200RPM hard drive capacity. Or data will be safe because there are two hard drives work together, rather than buying a more expensive fruit.

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