Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Internet would 'kill' Radio Equipment

7 September 1979, British band The Buggles popularize a song 'Video Kill The Radio Star'. Ditujukkan the song as a form of concern over the development of video technology is expected to shift the radio enthusiast when it switched to watch shows on television-broadcast video.

Still, forecasts the Buggles was not proven. Until now, radio fans still exist and even still a lot of stars are born from the 'womb' radio.

But now the arrival of the internet seems to be a new threat to the radio device manufacturers. Thus was launched the Straits Times, Sunday (9/5/2010).

The Internet has mastered everything and penetrate every boundary. Most people now prefer mebeli surfing the internet rather than print media, books or music CDs. Now the Internet has also been featured on radio shift cars.

You'll see, many people are replacing conventional radio devices in the car with an MP3 player that provides the facilities connected with the iPod. Music services like Pandora, Slacker and last.FM increasingly popular with the owner of the computer and mobile phone owners.

Music services now come up with affordable prices and start close to the number of mobile phones such as Blackberry, iPhone even Google Android. For the number of songs owned by Pandora itself has approximately 750 thousand songs, and claimed to have had approximately 40 million listeners.

Therefore, many manufacturers of radio devices also glanced at her, call it Alpine, car audio equipment maker, which issued a product-X305S IDA Alpine Digital Media Receiver which is connected with the Pandora service. Approximately USD400 dibanderol Items can also be connected to the iPhone.

Kehadrian these products will further erode the radio device from the market.

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