Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SHARP Launch 3D TV

Japan's Sharp Corp. said it will begin marketing the 3D TV this summer or beginning of June 2010 following the footsteps of other electronics manufacturers. 3D TV is expected to become the new boom in the electronics industry starting this year.

Prior to Sharp, other manufacturers announced and released their first television prosuk 3D. Among others, Samsung, Sony, LG, and Panasonic. Sharp LCD TV is the fourth largest producer in the world. Sharp claimed homemade 3D television will go on sale in Japan and China following the United States, and Europe this year.

The electronics manufacturers scramble to launch a 3D TV this year, the technology race will be a major boost for the same industry as the transition from black and white television to color. Panasonic Corp. and Samsung Electronics have released a 3D model to the market, while Sony plans to plans to begin offering 3D TV in June 2010.

The demand for 3D TV is expected to reach more than ten-fold to 27 million units in 2013. This year's estimated one million units sold according to research firm DisplaySearch.

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