Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lexus GX460

How closely related is the GX 460 to the new 4Runner? Ah, they all take the same 109.8 inches of wheelbase and other specifications can be attributed to slightly different slightly different, bumpers, roof rack and wheel design. Outgoing GX 470 rides a wheelbase 109.8 inches also. This is not the case of vehicles is increasing.

However, it is a tool, the more important. According to Lexus, GX 2009, the body weight in the 470 figured in the whole £ 4,871 and the 2010 base is 460 GX obesity 5,305 lbs. This is an increase in weight 434 pounds.

Fortunately, GX 460 is a strong heart lucky. For the GX 470 cast iron block "2UZ iron" 4.7 l DOHC V8 engine has been replaced by the new, all-aluminum "1UR iron" the V8 4.6-liter DOHC V8 engine (which is not, by the way, the same 4.6-liter V8 engine installed in the Lexus sedan). With continuously variable valve timing and desire for 91 octane fuel or better (but not by direct injection), the new engine rated at 301 horsepower and 329 pounds speed in the 5500 feet of peak torque at 3500 rpm. This is a significant improvement in the outgoing 263-horsepower motor in 5400, but only a minor hit from the old engine's 323 pounds feet of torque transfer in 3400.

Although strange, the GX 460's engine horsepower behind 9 behind the same 4.6-liter V8 engine installed in the Toyota Tundra pickup trucks in 2010, and the Tundra engine rated at 87 octane fuel. Intake and exhaust systems may be differences in the power of the thief here.

The only transmission behind the new engine is the same 6-speed automatic for the 4.6-liter V8 Tundra is equipped with a five-speed engine and strengthened with the GX 470. It changes so that the operation is smooth and effective to detect. Full-time all-wheel drive system has an electronically controlled two-speed transfer case and a central differential lock. Standard 265/60R18 mud and snow tires are not particularly positive cross-country standards, but drive to make every effort to help them gain traction.

Taking into account the amount of weight for the GX 460's engine to our ears, it reached the United States Environmental Protection Agency, about 15 miles city and 20 miles of road, is surprising, if not impressive. And traction for the GX 460 is rated to 6500 pounds when properly equipped with the smooth.

Suspension double A-arm front axle and a solid spring return in four segments - hardly something foreign. But complemented by four-wheel adaptive variable suspension (AVS) system, and rear, adjustable height control (AHC) and other. These seem pretty good, but the star here is the same dynamic dynamic suspension system (KDSS) prepared using the cross-country track version of the 4Runner.

The KDSS system management, the rod, to 460 for the GX through the use of electronically controlled hydraulic cylinder in the bar point, otherwise the conventional framework installed. Extending almost the same effect hydraulic disconnect stabilizer bar as to increase the suspension travel would be gross.

So it is material and steak GX 460. The hissing came in the details.

Some people believe that the technology may be too much crowded in the GX 460. Instrument panel, center console and steering wheel are absolute riot of buttons, knobs and sliding panels, hidden buttons and knobs. Of course, there is a navigation system, redundant audio controls, switches, read the information display, more switches, to tell what all-wheel drive system, and an optional top-level model, a packet, including a driver monitoring, lane departure warning system, "smart" high-beam headlamps and dynamic radar cruise control system. You need not be a Luddite lost in the tsunami-tech, but if you are the one you already have a beginning.

Really, how intelligent headlamps need to do?

With its quiet use of trim, illuminated instrument cluster, "steel processing" plastic decoration and elegant decoration, the GX 460's cockpit, of course has its own charm and joy. But there must be a better way to package all the controls. And shedding some of the more esoteric features will tone things.

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