Thursday, April 15, 2010

Intel Moorestown Introduced in Beijing

Intel finally showing off the platform with which they are delayed, that is Moorestown. This platform is first shown to the public in the event at the annual developer conference, Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2010 in Beijing.

Executive Vice President David Perlmutter explained that Intel has made distribution platform architecture and implementing a number of innovative techniques for Moorestown.

According to Perlmutter, Moorestown will be present with the latest generation of power management features. In addition, Moorestown also can improve performance and great reduction in electricity consumption. This is currently a trend chipset card in the world.

To illustrate this, Perlmutter made a demo by showing that these platforms can perform 50 times the idle and power reduction of up to 10 times reduction in the strength of audio playback compared with the first generation of Intel Menlow.

Perlmutter also assured participants of the conference that Moorestown has been on the road right and will be introduced in mid 2010.

Meanwhile, Intel's Renee James of Software and Services Group provided the keynote presentation in which he praised the company's vision for a cross-device experience for a phone, car and house are 'smooth'.

James emphasizes how an integrated operating environment running on a common architecture, and may provide developers with a wider reach and easier access to end users.

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