Friday, April 9, 2010

Future Game Console Do not Need More

World-renowned game developers, Hideo Kojima predict if in the future, kind of PSP game console, Nintendo, and Wii will no longer be needed by many gamers.

"The future of gaming is in the hands of the Internet network, which allows all players to be free to play and interact anywhere and anytime, without having to rely on gaming devices and platforms," said Kojima.

According to game developers Metal Gear Solid, which has sold more than 27 million copies, and the reliance on gaming console platforms will start to disappear within the next few years. This will create a climate and environment play a different game, not only in the room, but also anywhere, when gamers are on the go.

Without the console, gamers will be fixed later can play games and interact, necessarily because of the reliance on the Internet. Therefore, Kojima is also developing games titled 'Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker'.

Although developed under the banner of Konami and Sony PSP are for gamers but this game is one step toward the vision that Kojima said he explain, totally rely on the Internet.

'Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker' will start circulating the end of this April in Japan. While for Europe and the U.S. will begin circulating in June.

Metal Gear games this new version will feature a hero named Snake, and a group of soldiers future war to liberate Costa Rica from a mysterious invasion of time set in 1974.

Kojima is known for his creation of games that dwell on the theme and the background history of the war.

"I developed this game as an experiment to prove my prediction is," said Kojima.

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