Thursday, March 18, 2010

Windows Phone 7 ; No Copy Paste

Microsoft this week revealed that Microsoft is at the Mix10 conference for Web developers, their upcoming mobile phone operating system, Windows 7 will not include the clipboard ability to copy and paste operations - at least in the first version.

"Windows 7-series phones began to copy and paste is not available, but we are working to resolve the most common use of copy and paste through a single tap action, said:" Kaiximaiji, senior marketing manager at Microsoft's mobile communications business group. "For example, people tend to want to use an address and view it on the map to highlight a term in the browser, and search or copy a phone number to call. Instead, the user manual to do a copy and paste these scenarios, we recognize that these situations occur automatically, so they just touch. In our early tests, people were pleased with this practice, but we always listen, and will continue to improve our feature set based on the over time we have heard The. "

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Casey also pointed out that developers are free to implement copy and paste in their own applications. On his cell phone, its battery is running out, Casey did not respond to the impact of the lack of OS-level copy and paste the program call Windows applications such as Microsoft Office, but in fact, applications can implement their own clipboard where you can take care of the , at least in every application.

Microsoft's approach is to tap the context of similar data detection technology, Apple has for some time in the Mac OS X, which allows application software depends on the operating system level of service to detect the common text-mode, such as telephone numbers and addresses, and automatically highlight them. If you click or tap, context menu options, such as adding to the address book or displayed on a map.

iPhone has a similar technology, but does not meet the iPhone users. The first two versions of the iPhone operating system, the lack of OS-level copy and paste, many users panic. (Individual applications can implement their own clipboard, lead to different interface between the application method.) IPhone OS 3.0 to increase the copy and paste, when the operating system level, was released in July 2009 to allow reproduction (or cut) and paste between applications, not just in the process. As a result, users can transfer information, such as the name of a person's assistant, for example, from an e-mail address book entries, even though it is not text data detection techniques with others.

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