Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tips Gadgets & Laptop Extend Batteries

From the Lawrence Berkeley labs suggest that the gadget device battery has a longer life.

The technique is simple, remove the adapter from the device and gadgets often do not charge if the battery is still there.

When did gadgets user such as notebooks should remove the battery? When the battery is full, you should remove the adapter to charge the battery. The battery will be grateful for small steps.

The reason is simple, use the battery (dis-charger) or charge the battery (re-charge) will shorten battery life. Both these treatments will spend its lifetime becomes shorter. If one step can be maintained, then battery life will be longer.

Heat also disturb the battery capacity. Facing the temperature is too hot will aggravate the battery life itself. Recommended not exceed limit of 15 degrees room temperature. No wonder if in tropical countries, the battery has a lower resistance. Does heat make trouble, it was too cold temperatures make another problem for Li-ion battery.

Telling techniques, if the battery does not need to be used. Better equipment removed from gadgets such as notebooks, and use direct power from the adapter for electronic devices.

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Anthem las vegas real estate on March 24, 2010 at 3:41 AM said...

No wonder while I was in the Philippines the charger has shorter life compared here in America. Hotter countries really can contribute to some battery trouble coz the heat will create a little chemical reaction does simply using energy and makes the battery lifespan shorter.

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