Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ron Washington

We have become accustomed to read the story of illicit drugs were found to test the U.S. Major League Baseball over the past few years. We are not accustomed to such a story, but.

Rangers manager Ron Washington tested positive for cocaine in the 2009 season. Manager-positive test results confirmed in an interview Tuesday night with the Qiaoenhaiman to

"I made a mistake and I regret that I did," Washington told "I'm really sorry, I really am sorry."

Washington media in detail Wednesday, but the news did not surprise the homeless. After that, he's doping test last season, his boss contacts, as well as the Commissioner's Office in Washington to let them know that there is a good chance that he would fail the test. Rangers, he apologized, and choose not to change the air-raid shelter.

Since the failure of the United States has passed every drug test since. He was more frequent testing, the results failed to pass the test and tested first on the recommendations of the Mitchell report, managers and other staff as part of the testing process. Those who do not recognize a test or the use of drugs placed in the advice and / or treatment programs by MLB task.

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