Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nexus One

Google's effort to pound the mobile phone market got a serious challenge in the UK. Launch Nexus One phone will be delayed until mid-next month.

Nexus One Google launched the first time in the U.S. in January ago, but Google's decision to sell a sharp criticism from various circles.

In the UK, Google will not sell these phones at full price to consumers who want to install the sim card into an existing mobile phone. But Google was working with Vodafone, which offers bundling packages Nexus One is free to all who are willing to subscribe a contract for 35 pounds per month.

Reported by the Guardian, Tuesday (16/3/2010) delays the launch of Nexus One means that the phone will be off after the presence of Android phone analysts predicted would be better than Nexus One.

This delay also means that the Google phone will only be available in the UK, one week before the presence of the Apple iPad.

Some mobile phone companies in the UK has reportedly reached an agreement with Apple to sell the tablet computers to consumers in the UK.

With so many gadgets that will be milling about in the UK for the month, Google appears to be trying hard to please consumers in the UK.

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