Sunday, March 21, 2010

Michael Steele

DEMS Why "Clarence Thomas" Man of the Steel? Because every time a person's color, especially African American men, a black conservative Republican, he began to advance must be dismantled. He became a model, which, Avenue of Stars "cool in the Republican Party." He let the black community saw the Chief Officer does not matter a conservative. In fact, he, the Chief Officer said: "You should feel proud to wear the next, AOT is a cynical way to make your conservative political tendencies are called." DEMS can be done next, AOT for other slaves escape to see a man! They took him down, Another example is the input and spiritual vision of black voters, they have. Politicize "the Raccoon"? Not allowed!

Electrical and Mechanical Services to "Clarence Thomas" human Steele, because he is the real deal. He can toe to toe with Obama's intelligence and verbal. Add chopped view that Republicans are "white party", DEMS know the plant is about to be burned. Add to these direct factors, another factor is the organization, such as the rise of the political landscape around the are springing of the night, trying to play effective defense, they continue to play dirty and offensive, and called on the leaders of the Republican Party Limbaugh rather than the duly elected leader of the party, Steele. The basic definition of a fascist political strategy, when your political opponent, Ole back in the corner, and the collapse of the brain to let you know! "Claver t Kamau - Imani, the hosts:" Christian politicians "radio program, founder / chairman RagingElephants. Oxford

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