Friday, March 19, 2010

Mary Shieler

(Tom Montgomery killed Brian Barrett in a jealous rage over a stupid cyber love triangle.)
Now one man is dead, the other is in jail for 20 years, leaving a broken and humiliated family behind, and Mary Shieler is a free woman.

Everyone in this sad tale helped to bring about this tragic end to Brian Barrett’s life at the age of 22. Mary posed as a hot 18 year old and used cybersex to seduce Tom Montgomery, 48, who was pretending to be a hot, disturbed Iraq War marine online. When Tom’s true identity was outed by his own wife, an angry Mary enlisted the help of Brian Barrett, Tom’s coworker, to use Mary’s passwords to her chat accounts to hound and humiliate Tom online. And when the rivalry grew intense, Tom shot and killed Brian.

But Mary Shieler remains a free woman, which is somehow, grossly unfair. She committed aggravated identity theft to torment an unstable married man to the point that he murdered another man! How self absorbed and vacuous can a bitch be? She sounds just like the neighbors who drove a young girl to suicide by creating a fake profile on Myspace.

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