Saturday, March 20, 2010

jesse james mistriss

Sandra Bullock's husband,Jesse James Mistriss, apologized to his wife and his children after he was accused of having an affair. In a statement, the television star realiti said: "I am really very sorry for causing them to suffer."

But he Jesse James Mistriss added that "most of" the media reported allegations "untrue and unfounded". Premiere event The Blind Side in the UK, who were going to do next week, was canceled after Sandra Bullock, who received prizes for Best Actress Oscar did not come because of "personal reasons unexpected."

Cheating allegations emerged earlier this week after the In Touch magazine published an interview with a tattoo art models Michelle McGee who claimed he was having an affair with Jesse James Mistriss for 11 months when Bullock was filming The Blind Side, a role that made him get the Oscar.

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