Saturday, March 13, 2010

Google's 'Search Engine' on TV

google on tvGoogle reportedly has penetrated into the realm of TV, by working together with the Dish Network, a satellite television network that has about 14 million members.

As quoted from PCWorld, Dish Network offers a set top box (decoder box or like signal converter) based Android operating system, which is not controlled by remote control, but through a keyboard or a keyboard.

Therefore, through the television screen, viewers can search for programs on satellite TV networks, or even searching YouTube videos, since set top box is also connected to the internet.

Testing of this tool has been made since a year ago and is now conducted among family limited Google employees.

Through this set top box, Google continues to find new services that can expand the Internet search business model them into various different media, such as mobile phones (Android) or TV.

Not only Google, Apple and Microsoft also have entered into the TV via similar products, namely Windows Media Center and Apple TV.

Last week, TiVo also announced the device, digital video recorder (DVR) that can connect to the Internet.

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