Saturday, March 13, 2010

3D newspaper

3g newspaperNot only movies or television are starting avid three-dimensional display (3D). Aka newspapers newspapers try to taste any of this technological progress.

This is what trying to do in the Belgian newspaper, La dernière heure's. It's not all editions of this newspaper carried the concept of 3D, they just make it in a special edition.

In addition, the 3D view is presented also only applies to collection of photographs and advertisements in the media. To see the effect of 'apparent' of this 3D technology, the reader must use a special lens, which is already available in the sales package.

"Our goal is to make the whole page into 3D," said Chief Editor of La dernière heure's, Hubert LeClerq. He added that it took up to two months to prepare for this special edition.

"We often hear about movies, television and 3D games. Then we tried to make a breakthrough with this (3D paper-ed.)," Continued LeClerq.

One of the 3D film is of course LeClerq Avatar. With dazzling effects are presented, even this fiction film successful sequence menangguk success both in terms of financial and appreciation. Perhaps, the daily La Dernière heure's also hoping a similar fate from the use of 3D technology.

The mission may be optimistic indeed carried, but again it was left to the market that can accept or not. If received, this project may be continued while if the industry still seems to fail to market readiness.

Because to make this 3D paper sometime not only by technical constraints, but also from the availability of capital which would need a larger fund than the conventional version.

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