Thursday, February 4, 2010

Vermont Brownie Company

vermon brownie companyVermont's business is getting more than 15 minutes of fame. Vermont Brownie Company were published in on the 27th night of the incident Throwdown with Bobby Flay of the Food Network.

Vermont Brownie Company co-owned Shona Lidsky and Catherine Hayward close friends and family gathered around the television to watch a few shows premiere. For them, this is a surreal experience.

The beginning of August that year a phone call from a Lidsky food producers to inform them of interest in the company's network of networks.

"We do not know what they found," he said Hayward.

Lidsky, and Hayward had sent a demo tape to the network. These include video in the kitchen, they bake the Brownies, the video from local farms, and several shots of the Hayward newborn babies because they believe that cute could help. Obviously, it's work, since the establishment of the network call back time to do video capture women.

What entrepreneurs do not know is that they will go head-to-head with celebrity chef, Bobby Flay. They found that only when he entered the farm manager Kjell barn, where the network has set up a TV kitchen.

"I go, 'This is Bobby Flay! And Catherine was like,' Who is this guy? '," Lidsky, currently flogging came in.

Whether women have never seen the show before, they do not know what to expect. They just focus on what they need to do this is their one of a class of grilled goat cheese, or Schaefer, Brownies.

"Whether it is a We are a professional baker, so that we not only bake a little bit embarrassing, I mean, we know how to bake our daughter, but it is television, they said, 'Well now hold it to do, and scraping this kind of ', we are ready, but this is not how we do this, saying: "Lidsky experience.

Followed by the judge. Women are not confident with the judges response.

"To be honest did not look well. Shona are, and I like it does not matter, we'll be OK, life will continue," said Hayward.

But they have been surprised that the judge's ideal for chocolate cake. As these two amateurs beat a professional chef bread, Vermont.

"This is terrific. Katherine and I hugged the crowd began to cheer. Them to the wild, said:" Lidsky.

Vermont Brownie Company is a relatively new listing in September 2008. Some nucleolar sold to local stores, but their orders were mainly from the Internet.

Women's work out of a donut is called Wally's Place, in South Hero. When the donut shop closed women's action with their chocolate cake ingredients. Initially, only the two of them and some volunteers. In the past few weeks, but the company employs about 20 part-time staff. Owners have been eager to spend a few days the consequences of performance.

"We just work around the clock in order to have enough reserves, we have came out, and be able to keep up with its orders, the beginning of the past," Lidsky.

Now the owners just keep their fingers crossed that their Internet service does not go on, they remained stable during transport, but they can keep up with demand. Although they had some nervous, and they were very excited about what this means for the Vermont Brownie Company. Hayward and Lidsky hope that their national television for the first time will result in domestic sales of chocolate cake.

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