Tuesday, February 16, 2010

O2 and Orange strike back against the iPhone

More than a dozen of the world's largest mobile phone companies including O2 and Orange, would like to counter the success of Apple in persuading people to download and use mobile applications - or "Applications" - by building their own competing open platform can take advantage of the development of the game and other services.

In the mobile network hopes to pool resources to establish technologies that enable the development of services will be the scope of work, in a huge cell phone, they can regain some ground they had lost companies such as Apple, Google, and generate additional revenue from third-party developers .

The fear of mobile phone networks, at present, these countries risk a little more than a "dumb pipe in the air," all the income will create application software developers and companies involved in the stores, supply them.

Apple has seen 30 million application downloads the application store, users iPhone and iPod touch. Google, at the same time, there is a market for the application as part of its Android mobile phone platform, some equipment movement software will be released this week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, the industry's largest trade show today.

But it is not just Google and Apple, thanks to "application explosion." Steve Ballmer this afternoon, Mobile World Congress will be using Microsoft's latest attempt to launch into the mobile phone industry. The Windows Mobile 7 - or a Windows phone, because Microsoft calls it - including an application store, users can download the Microsoft device host games and other applications. Even if the handset manufacturers such as Samsung and RIM, BlackBerry maker has entered the application's behavior and Ovi Nokia already has the whole store open for business.

Several of the world's largest operators as part of an open API initiative, which allows application developers to provide the core information is contained in their networks, such as location and billing. Is essentially an API (Application Programming Interface) allows the development of it with another piece of application software. Open API program, for example, to allow software developers to create programs for consumers to pay for on their mobile phone bills.

However, the new alliance will be announced separately industry trade organization GSM Association Mobile World Congress is to go further. The recent explosion of cell phone software - from Apple's iPhone, Nokia's Symbian platform, Google's Android and Microsoft's Windows phone - refer to "Application" The market is becoming increasingly fragmented. In addition, consumers who switch from one device to another will soon find themselves having to download - and pay again - for all applications, they have their old mobile phones just because of their new phones use different software. Operators are worried that they will be at the receiving end consumer rebound later.

Orange, Telefonica company - owned O2 UK - T - Mobile and other operators have signed a GSM Association's initiatives. Vodafone, however, contradictory, because it is an open platform to engage the alliance, the Joint Innovation Lab and China Mobile, Softbank, and Verizon Wireless in the U.S..

In fact, the application is likely to be a bright spot in this year's Mobile World Congress, and development seminars took place throughout the program to help programmers create a robot, BlackBerry and Vodafone's Vodafone recently announced a 360 platform.

Several companies also announced that they will own applications development. Today, for example, the British digital music firm Omnifone group will announce that it has created a version of the mobile music service run on Android phones. Omnifone company, has already visited directories more than 6.5 meters of the track, are looking for partners, network or mobile phones who want to launch an unlimited download or streaming music service platform for robotic devices. It has, for example, the infinite power of the Vodafone music service in the UK, has recently finalized an agreement with its MusicStation service is pre-installed on HP laptops and computers. Omnifone is currently developing applications for the iPhone and Windows Mobile devices.

Skype at the same time, today announced that it has created a version of the popular free Internet telephone service, Nokia's Symbian operating system, the system has been more than 200 meters of the world's mobile phones. Skype now available for free iPhone applications, has been downloaded more than 12 million times since its launch in April last year.

Will be the first for the Symbian version of Skype's download site, but will appear on Nokia's Ovi in the shop in the next few weeks. The company is the owners to sell on eBay last year, is planning to robot version later this year. Skype, which allows people to call other Skype users anywhere in the world of freedom, will be announced in cooperation with Verizon Wireless, it is possible to make some eyebrows, as in the past the U.S. network, co-owner, Vodafone, has blocked Internet phone service from their own network .

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