Wednesday, February 3, 2010

NSN DWDM Solutions Fulfill Bandwidth Needs

Fidelity Communications, a communications services company headquartered Missouri, choose based DWDM Metro hiT7300 from Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) to meet the needs of the core network bandwidth that grow rapidly.

The solution of the NSN has been tested for the future and allow the evolution of fast and efficient communications services. Fidelity Communications is one of the IOC or the independent operating company which held the first of NSN DWDM solutions that are flexible and provide a variety of services.

This enables Fidelity customers to accommodate the growth of the Internet, the need for high-speed internet packages and high-definition quality content to more.

With more than 25,000 access lines, Fidelity offers a telephone cable, long distance service, high-speed access via DSL and cable modems, as well as IPTV service for home and business customers. Fidelity also uses operational experience to help the IOC and other cable operators in the hold advanced services such as Voice over IP and IP Video. Such information NSN, Wednesday (3/1/2010).

"We chose NSN solution for our optical backbone upgrade to 10G to ensure we have a platform that supports the long term. That way, we can quickly expand network bandwidth in our core," said Senior Vice President of Fidelity Communications Mike Davis.

Meanwhile, Head of North America Sub-region NSN Dimitri Diliani mention his party is committed to the IOC. With hiT7300 DWDM platform, NSN offers a total cost of ownership is attractive to a lower density. This advantage has not added to upgrades and simple operation that can reduce OPEX.

"Small-scale service providers will continue to increase bandwidth from services like high-speed data and IPTV. They need to invest in solutions that are ready for the future as hiT7300. This solution combines flexibility with scalable platform metro DWDM transport high-performance,"

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