Friday, February 5, 2010

Funny Video Appears on Youtube iPad With Millions Achieve Hit

Criticism of a number of weaknesses that are far from iPad previous expectations still flowing. Even Hilter had until insult the video shown on YouTube.

But, of course it was all just a joke sarcasm. Someone who may not like the iPad make menukil video clips with the 2004 film titled Der Untergang. The conversation between Hitler and his troops in German translated into English so as if they were discussing the iPad.

In the video subtitles duration of about 3.59 minutes, Hitler initially seems a fiery welcome iPad. In fact he said had ordered one online. However, he was so disappointed when he received a report from the commander of troops that iPad not support several technologies, such as multitasking, does not support flash, the phone can not, and no camera.

If only supports all iPhone applications, according to Hitler, still more multiplied using OSX computers. Similarly, if you make reading e-book, Hitler chose to buy Amazon Kindle artificial.

"Apple should make the perfect tablet. Bastard. Called just like a tampon (sanitary napkin). Not manly at all!" Hitler said in a loud voice.

Obama praised

However, in contrast, was highly praised iPad U.S. President Barack Obama. In fact, a statement delivered in his official speech (State of the Union) in front of the U.S. House of Representatives members. The speech should contain a statement to dispel worries Obama Americans against an uncertain economy is actually in the video becomes confused speeches and praise for Apple iPad.

Video clip maker titled "Obama: State of the iPad Address' duration was 2.57 minutes insert relevant images and the Apple iPad throughout Obama's speech so that the numbers and some praise Obama as if directed to do so.

"This is a specific solution providers a safe, clean, and much faster," Obama said. Meanwhile, next add the picture with the inscription iPad safe, clean, and batteries for 10 hours! by the video maker.

Both video clips were uploaded on YouTube the day after the iPad was launched in San Francisco, USA, Wednesday (27/1/2010). iPad is the tablet made by Apple with 9.7-inch touch screen and no keyboard. This product is sold at a price ranging from U.S. $ 499. His name sounds strange (connotes a sanitary napkin) to make iPad jokes could be material in Twitter with the keyword "iTampon". Many observers also criticized the limited features.

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