Friday, January 22, 2010

Windows Vista will retire

After the birth of 'the brother', Windows Vista practically no longer a primary focus of Microsoft's business. IT giant's attention was clearly more focused on Windows 7, as the latest products. If there is no significant effort from Microsoft, Vista surefire fate stay to count the days to continue to sink.

The impact of the emergence of Windows 7 have eaten real victim, namely Windows XP. It did not take long for Microsoft to announce production would stopping operating system so popular in the early 2000s.

XP itself is not without its achievements. Even if compared, XP is much more successful than Vista. The proof is, when Vista comes for the first time, many computer users are reluctant to upgrade to Vista OS. And at that time, Microsoft was so vociferous campaigning on a variety of advantages Vista.

But what power, the user has their own assessment. They had many faithful who prefer to use XP instead of having to switch to Vista, as Microsoft's latest OS then.

Now, Vista has a 'competitor' new, namely Windows 7. OS is claimed to feature Microsoft has increased far more sophisticated than Vista, but still light when run for low specification PC. This capability could make Vista rejected by the user, the specification is needed too heavy.

In comparison, the famous netbook device with mediocre specifications, are now able to run with Windows 7.

That's just from the technical side, now let's see from the side of the selling price. According to Lukman Susetio, Windows Client Product Manager Microsoft Indonesia, the price of Windows 7 that low-end version is only 1-2% higher than the same version of Vista.

As for Windows 7 Ultimate version, aka the high-end version is even more expensive U.S. $ 70-80 dollars when compared to Vista Ultimate. Well, if you are asked to choose, which offer more attractive you think? Most would choose Windows 7!

Well, for some reason it's hard to expect Vista will retain its market, if not exactly going deeper and deeper. Because Microsoft did not see the signs to deploy rescue mission for Vista. Although the company has a policy that every 'life' (life cycle) is the limit of Microsoft products three years.

Lukman Susetio, Windows Client Product Manager Microsoft Indonesia had already indicated that during Vista's life soon.

"Vista is going stopped, but now his support is still there and the media kit was provided," he said.

Microsoft Indonesia has even instructed their partners to do the roll-out stock exchange, aka their products to Windows Vista 7 since last December 2009.

"But if there are users who buy a new computer with Windows 7 and want to downgrade to Vista, still we provide," said Lukman.

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