Sunday, January 3, 2010

Google enter education business

Big name the world giant IT companies, Google seemed to have a quality guarantee to do business in the world of IT, including education.

To attract prospective students, C. B. Online Pvt. Ltd. intentionally Googlle name of the Institute of Software Studies. Even the logo was Googlle equated with the original Google logo. No institution yet that has any relationship with Google.

TecCrunch, Sunday (3/1/2010) launch the educational institution as a school to claim the software experts in the future. There are two certificates that can reach students, the Googlle Certified Professional in Advanced Computing (GCPA) and Googlle Certified Professional in E-Commerce (GCPE).

GCPA is a certificate for students who undergo training programs for Windows and Linux, while the special GCPE to hone skills in specific areas, such as photoshop skills. Googlle training offered ranges from 60 days to 90 days.

C. B. Online Pvt. Ltd. is an online business solutions company based in India. Googlle itself in Orissa precisely centered in the region Rajarani Petrol Pump.

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