Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Apple Tablet or iPhone 4G?

Celebration which will be held on Apple's upcoming January 27, 2010, actually had surfaced since a few months ago. But the new law was formally accepted by the major media in the United States on this day.

But unfortunately, the mystery still clung in the minds of U.S gagdet journalist. Because the invitations are delivered by electronic mail only include the date and time the event, without giving any keyword about what the product is launched.

"Join with us in the Yerba Buena Arts Center Theaters, in San Francisco, on January 27 next at 10 AM.'ll Have our latest creations," wrote the invitation received by Fox News, which quoted Legal, Tuesday (19/1/2010 ).

Of course, speculation will continue rolling until next week, where Apple would expose what they call 'new creations'. The most was widely heard, Apple tablet that since two years ago by gadget blog Gizmodo has published.

Moreover tablets, which he said has a name that is the answer iSlate for users who want the ability gagdet between PC and smart phone, but without the phone function of course. Many already are imagining, it will iSlate measuring 7 inches or more, with a touch-screen technology plus a qwerty keyboard for sure.

So, would Apple tablet? Wait. Another issue which was also heat that mention 'latest creation' that is the iPhone 4G, which is the latest generation of Apple's smart phone line. Moreover, its ability to support 4G networks, signaling a new era of wireless communication devices.

Even mentioned, Korea Telecom (KT) and Apple has a long term cooperation will exclusively market the latest generation iPhone 4G. Many are expecting next-generation mobile phone from the 3GS iPhone, has a display of organic light emitting diode (OLED) and have the ability to support video chat, and easy battery change digonta and released. Besides graphic capabilities will also be increased. For the processor, the iPhone 4G use dual core processors.

So which was launched on January 27 next, iSlate or iPhone 4G? Only Apple knows the answer. (

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Fort Myers homes for sale on May 6, 2010 at 10:15 PM said...

Is this product same as Apple iPad? this new gadget is really nice because you can do so many things's like an iPhone+laptop with bigger touchscreen LCD.

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