Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Teenagers Use Internet & phone for spying

The use of mobile phones and the internet among young people who are in love, but it also allows communication cause unpleasant behavior. This was revealed from a report issued by the Associated Press and MTV. Of course they did with 1247 teens, it was revealed that the communication media 2 is often used by young people to spy on and interfere with her partner.

The survey involving 14-24 year olds was found that as many as 22% of teenagers who are going out, felt it was important to use the phone or the Internet to check on his girlfriend. More than 1 in 4 teens say that their boyfriends had checked the contents of SMS without a permit and more than 10% admitted that their partner asked them to give a password to check their partner's movements while online.

Here, the percentage of women who prefer to share a password, more numerous than men. This action is not good to imitate, because it turned out, leaking of their password, as much as 68% reported to have become easy targets digital digital abuse or violence, compared with those who keep the meeting password.

Internet and mobile digital witness this violence. One of the violence is harassing the victim with words that do not deserve.

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