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inTouch Launches Mobinity; services made in-by-for Indonesia

Indonesian society is known as a fanatical lover of gadgets. Starting from the Nokia Communicator, which Indonesia became the largest world market, followed by the phenomenon of BlackBerry (BB) which replaces the position of Communicator.

And now, even the lower middle market was willing to make a surprise with a long queue to get from China Qwerty phone shaped like a BB, which is said in recent months managed to occupy positions in two major Indonesian mobile market and overtaking the old players from Korea and America have operate for many years here.

Qwerty phone love of the lower middle market (Rp 750,000 - Rp 1 million) is due to its seemingly just like BB and the phenomenon of social networks like Facebook. Although what is offered nothing more than a solution launcher to access various services via a browser with limited capabilities.

BB BB without a BB is now (mobile community network) is an application (client) social networking with full capability and is equipped with APN (Access Point Name) a special that allows operators to provide unlimited data package (unlimited) so that services can be enjoyed by users unlimited downloads at a price or fixed monthly affordable.

Now the phone Qwerty lovers do not just cheaper to get BB (BentukBeken) at a price below 1 million, but also with BB service (BenarBerguna) without BB (BebanBerat). Simply USD 500/hari to mobinity services as much. (mobile community network) is an application to be ODP (On Device Portal) is specially designed to provide various services to the community that includes mobile mobiFriends: client for Facebook; mobiChat: client for Yahoo! Messenger and MSN; mobiGroups: client access Facebook Groups; mobiNews: client access to full news complete with pictures of the moment, Kompas, Republika, Seleb-TV; SonyMusic, The Jakarta Post; mobiReporter: is a citizen reporter application / Citizen Journalism that allows users / citizens become journalists by uploading photos (from camera phones), voice recording and typing the news that can be viewed by other users mobinity.

In addition to providing advanced services, mobinity also use a special APN for mobile internet access provided by the service provider so that users can access the unlimited data package for unlimited access to weekly or monthly prices are fixed and affordable.

Big Potential Market

Mobinity services are currently running on Symbian S60 platform and Java-MIDP-2 is targeted user market existing and new users.

"We have cooperation with all GSM operators: 3, Axis, Indosat, Telkomsel and XL that will help market the service to 100 million mobinity existing customers," said Kendro Hendra, CEO of PT Indonesia inTouch Innovate through mobinity launch.

"For new users, we work together with all the main local brand mobile phone to implant (pre-install) the application and APN in the phone mobinity so users can immediately enjoy the service quickly and easily" add Kendro. Democratization Information

Mobinity launch simultaneously with the exhibition and seminars on ICT-2009 at JCC was marked also by piagram signing of the cooperation between the owner and inTouch as pengelolah mobinity with all GSM operator (3, Axis, Indosat, Telkomsel, XL), a national brand mobile phone vendor main (G-Star, HT, i-Mobile, IVIO, Mito, Ti-Phone, Venera) and content partners mobinity (Second, Kaskus, Kompas, Republika, Seleb-TV, SonyMusic, The JakartaPost) in the red and white piagram size 8 feet with the words "Proudly made in Indonesia, by talented Indonesian, for united Indonesia".

Commenting on the presence of these applications, Tifatul Sembiring, Minister of Communications and Information Technology said, "100% Mobinity which made children of the nation and went on national brands and mobile phone with access to affordable prices will boost the democratization of the Indonesian nation of information."

"The slogan made in, by, for Indonesia is very appropriate as a passion for all the communications industry and informatics to improve the industry, without forgetting the high society," added the minister of IT educational background is.

"On behalf of MIKTI I also want to congratulate Mr. Kendro and inTouch team has proved that, if given the chance, Indonesia could become the master in his own country" said Indra Utoyo, chairman MIKTI (Indonesia Creative Industry Society) and Telkom's new CIO - It will give Indigo (Indonesian Digital Community) Fellow Award to Kendro Hendra.

About mobinity

Mobinity services can be obtained by sending the MOBI 9800. Further information can be found at (resource :

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