Saturday, December 12, 2009

Imitating iPhone, Apple's sue Nokia

Apple sued under the largest mobile phone vendor, Nokia for alleged patent infringement. Previously Nokia also has filed a patent infringement lawsuit by Apple in October 2009.

Apple says, Nokia has violated his own approximately 13 patents. Did not even hesitate Apple pointed Nokia has to copy the iPhone, especially in the user interface (interface). Nokia is blamed Step iPhone is allegedly cheating to boost sales of Nokia phones in high-end segment.

Cellular-News, Saturday (12/12/2009) announces, Nokia did not want to comment on the lawsuit behind it. The two lawsuits, both Apple and Nokia entered in the same court in Delaware, United States.

Nokia itself claims Apple smart phone, the iPhone has violated patent rights 10. These patents is a technology that could make wireless devices compatible with a number of technical standards, including GSM.

The debate about this patent covers wireless data problems, coding speed, security and encryption. Listed in the lawsuit last October, noted that Apple uses the technology without paying the appropriate license fee. Meanwhile, more than 40 other handset vendors agreed to pay the license.

Nokia reveals, it took more than $ 60 billion to develop their technology.

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