Monday, December 28, 2009

Facebook Can Cause Divorce

Virtual world, the negative and positive. Is it true that Facebook causes married couples to divorce?

Facebook causes of divorce, of course not. Only human beings are doing. While Facebook remains positive function, which pengunanya also has a positive intention to establish friendships with many people. In fact many people use Facebook for others and seduce cheating with her partner.

But Facebook is real makes married couples divorced. Also unknown whether Facebook is also a cause of division between those who are dating.

News from the Telegraph, Facebook turned out to take the matter to the marital one. Of intention to make friends and then ended with CLBK (old love blossomed again). Even the Facebook site as evidence for the basis of a person to divorce their partner.

From an attorney's office said that 5 of the petition is processed quoted from the site Facebook as evidence. Example, a 35-year-old woman discovered that her husband divorced her on Facebook.

Last year a woman 28 years divorced, because her husband did find a relationship in cyberspace with people who have never met. Business must be humane. From the data of the lawyers, Facebook is tempting one, and in quotation marks to tease others.

Generally infidelity caused by the influence of alcohol, the party in office, mini skirt, the man who promised the nonsense and the other reason. Temptations of Facebook seems to go on the list of causes divorce someone.

Now evidence from 5 to 1 is used as evidence for Facebook pair separation causes.

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